11 Jun, 2012

Over the past year or so, Mitig8 have been working with its partner BCCORP SOLUTIONS to improve the way recommendations are issued to the Insured.  In the past we have found that our recommendation reports take time to prepare and once issued to the Insured, they are difficult and time consuming to track.  In some cases, the Insured may not be able respond in a timely fashion, which leaves the project exposed to a potential disaster.

We are very proud to announce that on the 1st July 2012 we will be launching our new INTERACTIVE Risk Recommendation tracker called eRisk.

eRisk will enable the Broker and Underwriter to first of all approve the recommendations, through the eRisk SECURE PORTAL before we issue them to the Insured.  Once approved, the recommendations will be tagged with the issue date and time.  The insured will log into the SECURE eRisk portal to update the action taken, which will automatically email the Mitig8 engineer to advise them that the action has been taken.  The date in which action is taken is also tracked through one of the KPIs, stating how long the recommendation took against the predetermined target action date.

Automatic email reminders will be sent out every, 7, 14 and 30 days to the broker, Underwriter and Insured notifying them that the recommendations need to be actioned, saving valuable time and resources from our administrative team in chasing recommendations.

Once action has been taken by the Insured, they need not send an email to notify anyone… eRisk will automatically send a email to Mitig8.  Once we are happy that the recommendations are dealt with, eRisk will send an email to all parties concerned to indicate that the status of the recommendation has been closed or requires further action.  Again, this is automated by eRisk saving valuable time.

Another great feature will be that eRisk will track the type of recommendations issued over each project/s.  Statistical information reports will be provided and this will help us target inherent key areas of weakness that may require more strategic action, such as preparing procedures to help mitigate the particular risk.   This can be done with the Insured at head office level, so that ALL projects benefit from the measures to be taken.

Should you require any further information about eRisk, please contact David S.G Baxter on +1 (305) 200 8797 or email davidbaxter@mitig8.us

Download eRisk Brochure