Our construction team disciplines in Chartered Civil Engineering offers risk engineering solutions for insurers and lending institutions. We have provided pre-construction advice for major Hydro-projects, Road Construction, Bridges, Ports and Terminals. Our engineers have worked formally for Civil Engineering Companies and bring with them the industry experience required.

As part of the team, we have Chartered Surveyors, who offer advice in areas such as Insurance Valuations and Major Building Projects, such as Hospitals, Shopping Malls and Schools. We have attained the knowledge to understand Private Finance Initiative (PFIs) and this coupled with our insurance industry knowledge has given us the edge when surveying projects.

Our engineers undergo regular insurance training. We are also trained in fire protection measures and we have an expert understanding of the Joint Code of Practice for the Prevention of fires on Construction Sites and Buildings undergoing Renovation (JCoP-UK). National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) International guides and the Fire Protection Association.


We are also members of the Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG), which comprises many of the key Engineers from major Insurance Companies, where we share ideas and contribute to reduce risk at a more strategic level.